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About Magnolia Candy Kitchen

Family-owned and operated, Magnolia Candy Kitchen follows the centuries-old technique of making fresh pralines each day. We slowly and carefully blend Louisiana ingredients like locally-made French vanilla extract, pecans and cane sugar, before hand-spooning them onto thick marble slabs to cool.

The First Pralines

The original praline was quite different to the delicate confection we all know, and love, today. During the 1800’s, a Frenchman named Diplomat Cesar du Plessis-Praslin (pronounced prah-lin) requested that his chef make him something sweet for dessert. What resulted were essentially sugarcoated almonds, which, as they grew in popularity among the French culture, were named for Praslin. Eventually, this treat made its way to Louisiana via French businessmen, and since almonds are not native to Louisiana, Creole cooks substituted our native nut, the pecan, and cane syrup from Louisiana sugarcane. With its distinctive French influence enhanced by local ingredients, the praline evolved into a uniquely New Orleans delicacy.

What Makes a Magnolia Praline

The pralines that our customers know and love today is a creamier creation, using fresh milk and cream for a richer, more buttery taste and smoother texture. What makes Magnolia pralines truly special is that they are made each day in the same candy kitchen that housed one of New Orleans’ oldest and most celebrated candymakers, the Kate Latter Creole Candies, back in 1928, using the same hand-pouring technique.

Your New Favorite Praline

Within our historic walls, the Magnolia Candy Kitchen makes thousands of pralines per week, in a variety of flavors, including traditional, creamy, sea salt and chocolate-coated, plus many other candies like our unique – and addictive – butter pecan brittle. Today, Magnolia Candy Kitchen’s rich, flavorful pralines can be found in more than 20 locations throughout the French Quarter, including our historic candy kitchen and retail store, located at 301 Decatur Street, plus our other retail location at 839 Decatur.

301 Decatur
301 Decatur
Magnolia Praline Co. Candy Kitchen Store Sign
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